What we love about significant industry events is seeing and feeling the newest products on the market. Finding the best products for our innovative health, Wellness, and sustainability projects is paramount to Wellness Architecture. We are sharing some interesting finds we saw at IDS 2023.

1. ByNature  

Nature has been shown to improve wellness, happiness, health, and productivity, yet despite spending 85% of our time indoors, more nature still needs to be in many living spaces. This is where Biophilic Design comes in and why ByNature is our top wellness product at IDS this year. ByNature believes that any space can be transformed into a healthy environment and aims to bring nature into people’s lives by creating an enjoyable, rejuvenating experience for everyone. As Wellness Architects, we love that they work with partners to bring greenery to residential and commercial projects in unique and innovative ways.

2. Murratto    

Next on the list is Muratto®. Muratto is a Portuguese brand that specializes in natural surface design. Founded in 2013, the company aims to provide stunning interior covering solutions. They are guided by a vision of sustainable growth and prioritize four significant values: Natural Lifestyle, Design, Sharing, and Interior Comfort. Muratto is dedicated to creating environmentally friendly products using natural raw materials and actively working towards a more sustainable world. They also strive for innovation and inspiration in their designs, drawing from various traditional and contemporary styles. Collaboration is vital for Muratto as they work with international designers to create unique products that can be used worldwide. What we love about Muratto and its connection is its goal to enhance Interior Comfort, creating products that positively impact daily life through features such as acoustic effects, visual impact, thermal comfort, and suitability to the human environment.   

3. Hush Acoustics

Hush is a company committed to creating a world of quiet by producing high-quality acoustic products. As Wellness Architects, we understand the importance and need for silence in today’s fast-paced lifestyle. To achieve this, Hush uses cutting-edge technology and materials to ensure that each product looks good and performs well. The designers at Hush stay current on industry trends and practices, continuously researching and developing innovative products. The company values collaboration, quality, creativity, and innovation, guiding them toward achieving excellence and continuous improvement. At Hush, they strive to create an ideal environment for their employees, clients and industry by providing products that improve the aesthetics and functionality of the space.  

4. Organoids

Organoid is a company that specializes in bringing nature into the interior with their natural Organoid surfaces. Their impressive designs make rooms come alive with natural aesthetics that can be seen, felt, and even smelled. Their natural surfaces create an enjoyable atmosphere that supports health by reducing stress, lightening the mood, and increasing concentration. By showcasing the positive effects of nature, Organoid aims to make biophilic design accessible for interior design. Their natural surfaces are unique worldwide for their naturalness and authenticity, making it possible to experience the natural raw materials with the senses. The surface is untreated, retaining all appearance, scent, and feel properties. Biophilia, the human need for nature, is at the core of Organoid’s philosophy. The more people are in a natural environment, the more benefits they feel in everyday life. Organoid’s raw materials allow people to experience nature indoors, where they spend most of their time, improving their well-being and physical and mental health.   

5. Bunn Coffee Table by Krisette Santamaria  

This last one is more on the sustainable/art side, but it’s a fun one we want to highlight to show the innovative thinking happening in our industry. The Bunn Coffee Table uses the humble coffee bean to interrogate the lifecycle of everyday experiences and their by-products. Here, Krisette repurposes and transforms used coffee grounds from a daily mundanity and waste material into the centrepiece of our living spaces. The work evokes strength and coherence from every angle, offering a natural, harmonious feel inspired by the promise of the sustainability ethos as part and parcel of our future aesthetic. Imagine if this is what we can do with coffee. What are the possibilities with all materials in the future.  

Stay tuned for more news about Wellness Architecture from Red Studio.