This past summer we traveled to Turkey. If you know anything about the culture they are famous for their Turkish hammam. A client of ours loves them and we are incorporating one in the new home we are designing for her and her family. As a good architect, I went off to do some personal research and check it out. 

As I lay on the bed of heated marble, I began to think about the value of self-love and balance in my own personal quest for well-being. Having someone pamper me made me realize how out of balance my life had become during the covid years. Work had become all-encompassing while exercise and nutrition slipped. I realized it was time to re-establish balance in my life and the first step would be to prioritize myself. The next question was how? 

I knew that I didn’t want to go back to my pre-covid craziness of running between business meetings, personal and family commitments. I also realized that too much flexibility in online webinars, classes, and fitness actually resulted in me doing less as it lacked any form of schedule.  

As I came out of the hammam, refreshed and rejuvenated I decided to come up with a plan to re-establish balance in my life that embraces my new outlook on personal well-being.

  1. Intention – Set goals and reaffirm them daily to keep them at the forefront of my personal growth. 
  2. Forgiveness – There will undoubtedly be ups and downs. Acknowledge the slips when they happen and get right back to them. 
  3. Space – Give myself space and time to accomplish my goals.  
  4. Prioritize self – It is ok to be selfish sometimes. If you don’t put yourself first, no one will.

As wellness is at the heart of Red Studio, we realize that being a Wellness Architect also means putting personal health at the centre of environmental health and well-being. Change happens both internally and externally. Let us know how you plan on incorporating wellness into your everyday practice and how we can help you in your quest for environmental wellness.