What Motivates You?

We had such a thrilling meeting with a new client this week that we just had to share the experience.

Although we have to stay hush about certain aspects, we are pleased to announce (well maybe whisper) that Red Studio will be doing an office redesign of an environmentally conscious organization with a staff of 130.

The company is under new leadership, and they have requested a revamp of their public spaces and some office spaces. Their company values are in alignment with ours, specifically our commitment to environmental sustainability, but they also get our drive to create a sense of pride and enthusiasm in their employees through the build environment.

Most projects have two measurements of success: is the project on time, and on budget. Extra benefits if you come in early and under-budget. Those metrics are secondary to us. Our new client was excited with what we are proposing to them, because they understand that there is a direct relationship between the environment, and a person’s well being. Happy people are more productive people.

“Let’s face it. If you get up in the morning, and you want to go to your work place, and everybody is happy when they walk through that front door. The dynamics of that organization is going to change.”
Says Antonio Santini, Red Studio Inc Principal Architect.

This sentiment was echoed by Denise Santini, Red Studio’s other Principal.
“Making people happy, getting them enthused, building company pride, fostering culture. That’s what gets us excited.”