When the new year rolls around it makes us think about resolutions and changes we would like to make in our lives. Often these changes centre around health and wellness goals in a physical sense – going to the gym, losing weight, etc. This year I challenge you to look at your wellness goals from another perspective – the creative.

Over the past year, I looked for an activity to balance work and home life. Historically, I had always looked to a physical activity to fill the void Рfrom yoga to triathlons to skiing to karate, many activities which I still enjoy. But this time around I decided to add something new to the mix Рa creative hobby.The value of hobbies is to provide an escape from the daily stressors we all live with. Finding an outlet where your mind can take a break and focus on something creative can provide wonderful mental health benefits. We all live with stressors and sometimes engaging your senses in a new way can provide respite.

I have tried my hand at pottery this year and I have really enjoyed it. Am I good at it? Not particularly. Is it good for me? Absolutely. It challenges me in a manner outside of my regular day and gives my mind a break by forcing me to be fully present in the creative process. I love getting my hands dirty and full of clay – it immerses my senses in a tactile experience that keeps my hands busy and quiets my mind, even if only for a few hours a week. Afterwards I feel a sense of accomplishment and a new way of expressing my creativity.

So if you are looking to make changes in the new year why not try a healing hobby? Perhaps painting, knitting, drawing, sculpture, the sky is the limit. Enjoy.From the Red Studio family to yours, happy holidays.