Corporate Office Headquarters


This project is a single-storey corporate head office for a family-owned and operated development company on a protected ravine site in Brampton, Ontario. The concept of the building was influenced by its surroundings. Being situated in a wooded ravine, the canted columns mimic the tree trunks of the surrounding forest, while the transparency of the building allows the occupants to feel fully immersed and connected with the landscape.

We included many sustainable design features in the design of the building and make full use of its spectacular location. The building incorporates views and daylighting for the occupants while balancing solar shading from the large overhangs of the flat roof to avoid unwanted heat gain. The site – which is a heritage site – salvages the existing stone to create a garden space to promote reflection and interaction. Stone is used as a long linear element to striate the site and is also used as a retaining wall to accommodate the split-level change.

A high performance building envelope, green roof and reduced water consumption are just a few of the environmental initiatives that this building achieves.