Unfurl – Tokyo Meditation Cabin

Tokyo is one of the busiest and most densely populated cities in the world. With a population of close to 14 million, space is at a premium, leaving the average individual living in tight dwelling quarters. Layering in the pressures of modern life, work-life balance, and cultural constraints, feelings of stress, anxiety and depression are on the rise.

How does one find the physical and emotional space for release? Dynamic meditation or screaming meditation founded by Indian guru Osho, believes that our modern sedentary lifestyle necessitates a vigorous, active style of meditation, rather than being silent and still.

Designed to provide a visceral, flower-like sanctuary from the heavily man-made landscape of Tokyo, the “meditation cabin” can provide respite from whichever nook(s) of the city it may be situated. Unfurl sits calm and curled up, as if it has always been there, patiently waiting for a friend to visit.

It responds to your unique sounds as you enter under its open wing. Your voice, breath, and footsteps fuel its unfurling. At this moment you can feel safe to express yourself and aid this otherwise silent creature in its evolution – whether by talking, laughing, shouting, screaming, singing, shaking, or dancing. Your presence alone leads to a change. It replies by singing its song – its corolla grows and unfurls, coming to life. You help each other change and express, harmonizing to grow something beautiful.

From the outside, bystanders witness this moment of a celebrated magical transformation, having no idea who or what caused it.

Once you have completed your journey, you leave Unfurl from the other side. Neither of you is quite the same as you were before, perpetually transitioning. Unfurl curls back in, making itself small, waiting for another human connection.